Do emojis make text more meaningful?

October 9th 2020

It’s my moms birthday and I’m not big on Facebook affection

I feel like when you say happy birthday on Facebook its to make sure everyone else sees that you said happy birthday to your mom

I refuse to play that game

I tell no one happy birthday on social media.

If your my real friend or part of my life I’ll tell you in person if I can or more likely through text

So now I’m wondering if my happy birthday text to my mom sucked because my mom replied and just said “thanks, love you too”

And I am like, that’s kind of a short reply for me saying “happy birthday, love and miss you so much have the best day”

And she just said “thank you love you too with a heart emoji”

Now it made me think like shit was my happy birthday text bad because I put zero emojis


Would I have gotten a better response from her if I put all the bday emojis

Would it have been a more meaningful happy birthday text if I put some emojis in it?

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