Why do I want to be a comedian?

…. “I liked it. I liked the comedy of it, the sad dark humor of it and I think that’s probably cuz I have this sad dark humor” ….

…. “Where the f*** ever did think I want to be a stand up comedian?” ….

…. “I never was the person that was in the theater program who liked improve acting, I’m not that person” ….

…. “Why do I do what I do?” …. 

…. “Obviously not making money type thing” ….

…. “I just do it cuz its a way to fill my time and uh, be creative” ….

…. “I have not many people to talk to cuz I live alone and I’m a introverted type person” ….

…. “I don’t like this small talk shit” ….

…. “I don’t know what I was talking about actually” {laughs} ….

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