…. “I don’t get why I have insomnia because I’m up before everyone else I know. . . but I’m also the last one to go to bed” ….

…. “I don’t know, I’ve been doing fine, but I keep trying for 8 hours and I never get it” ….

…. “I barely sleep 6 hours straight, I’m so light sleeper-y” ….

…. “You took a long a** bath, you should be like ready to go to sleep like a f****** baby” ….

…. “I still can’t f****** sleep” ….

…. “So much thinking, its like building up inside my head. . . And now i have all this f***** energy because I don’t know. . . ” ….

…. “. . .f****** energetic thoughts of things and ideas, philosophies . . .{I sound like a crack head}” ….

“It sucks that I now am just so lonely and wound up that I have to talk to a phone [recorder]” ….

…. “I just want to sleep though, I almost take Benadryl every night. . . It’s so bad but it doesn’t even help, mostly, I think, I don’t know. . .” ….

…. “So that’s my rant on my insomnia. . . Kinda down but with like an energy that’s up because I feel cracked out. . . {it’s that f****** matcha latte that i had too late in the day. . . and . . . I’m high}” ….

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