It’s the shit that fucks you up in life that makes you beautiful

October 5th 2020

Its the shit that fucks you up in life that makes you beautiful

I look at my cat and think she has the cutest little walk

And then I realize

Its because she limps because of the shit she went through in life

Because for the first year of her life she was living at a hoarders house where she was scared to move from this one area of the cluttered house so she developed muscular atrophy

Then in the beginning of this year she was diagnosed with some type of plaque psoriasis like disease that mostly affects her legs with scabs which she licks till they become infected. We had to biopsy one leg to get a true diagnosis and after that she added an extra limp to her already unusual walk

Then I thought she looks so cute in her cone

Because when she is in her cone she likes to put one ear down and also does this weird paw move to try to get the cone off that reminds me of one of those Asian lucky fortune cat figurines that the paw moves

When she wears the cone she becomes another cat

She becomes so sweet and yet so needy at the same time

She insists on sleeping under the covers with me its super adorable yet do you know how hard it is to get a good nights sleep when you are sleeping with a dirty ass lamp shade

That cone is everywhere from touching the cat litter to her throwing up on it and dragging on the floor etc.

So all this makes her so damn cute yet I recognize its all the tough shit she has been through that had made her cuter and made me love her more

Even her whiskers are cute because her having the cone made them all ratchet and going every which way

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