Cast Iron Love

…. “Real love is like having a really well cared for cast iron pan” ….

…. “You got to care for it and season that m****** f*****” ….

…. “. . . .you got to cook with it, you got to throw some oil in it {some extra love into the pan}” ….

…. “You got to keep putting love and attention into this cast iron pan and then you cook an egg and its f*** beautiful!” ….

…. “Nothing sticks to it, It is like a beautiful love” ….

…. “But guess what your done cooking and you gotta like still care for that m******f******” ….

…. “I’m just scrubbing it for whatever reason. . . I’m just giving it more f**** love so its gonna keep working for me” ….

…. “But this whole time I’m like making love to this m***** f******* cast iron pan” ….

…. “I’m taking care of it and you know what its taking care of me” ….

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