Butterfly filter lips

…. “God damn these f****** internet filters, like they be getting me” ….

…. “I done even like that the f***** butterflies are there” ….

…. “I just like the tones that it tones my picture to, it smoother my skin to look like a babies ass, um like it gives what looks like cool eyelashes or something, and it lightens my eyes . . . AND THEY ARE DIFFERENT COLORS” ….

…. “F*** yeah, of course I like that shit” ….

…. “But um IDGAF about the butterflies but they are there” ….

…. “Cheaper than getting contacts” ….

…. “Wait wait wait. . . I thought your lips were bigger than that b****” ….

…. “You realize all these filters be plumping your lips {laughs} and giving you f****** lip injections” ….

…. “You didn’t even know. . .  Now you tripping out in the mirror like where the f*** my lips go?” ….

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