High in the bath rant about being high

Here is a better well written version of a bathtub rant I had while high about being high on 1/10/2020

What do normal people feel when they are high cuz when I get high I feel like I’m having an autistic reaction.

I wonder, is this how others feel and why do they enjoy it? I feel like I’m going to swallow my tongue.

Or am I different and having some kind of an allergic reaction?

That’s what I want to know cuz I want to be in the stoner crew.

You guys are so f****** chill.

Weed is like Greeks Windex to them {My big fat Greek wedding movie reference}

You got insomnia smoke weed

You got anxiety smoke weed

You got nausea smoke weed

You got a headache smoke weed

Man if I smoke weed doing/ having any of that s*** I look like a goddamn crackhead and not going to cure any problems down the rabbit hole.