Shut up anxiety

October 3rd 2020

The more you know yourself the less anxiety you have

Because when you start getting anxiety

You learn to tell your self

“Shut the fuck up bitch, girl you are not dying, NO you do NOT need to go to the hospital, you just had too much caffeine! You are NOT dying, chill the fuck out….. Go sit in a corner and breath”

Most stable mentally unstable person

…. “{laughs}” ….

…. “If you think I’m crazy, I get it” ….

…. “The thing is I was normal, I was uptight, life sucked for me just like t sucks for you” …..

…. “It sucked so f****** bad I wanted to die, It was so painful I wanted to die” ….

…. “It broke me” ….

…. “I had to glue myself back together and I had a little fun gluing myself back so you know what I like this version of me better” ….

…. “The Picasso me” ….

…. “F*** society and that old version of me. F*** that one” ….