Sex, drugs, and orgasms

…. “I used to be on anti-anxiety medicine.. . “ ….

…. “I was a little emo, angsty kid and uh, {laughs}” ….

…. “I like scraped. . .  You know I wouldn’t call it cutting” ….

…. “I wrote some freakin note and put a little blood on it so that like my mom could think I was serious {laughs}” ….

…. “I was just being a dramatic little b****” ….

…. “So of course my mom takes me to some doctor and was like {she’s broken put some pills in her}” ….

…. “So I started on Prozac really early” ….

…. “You know what. . . I’ve been on the works of pills” ….

…. “In 2016 I was like . . . F*** meat, F*** dairy, F*** psychiatrists and all that shit” ….

…. “In 2018 the vegan diet was f***** me up, I was like slowly dying” ….

…. “My mental health was bad. . . I’d say even schizophrenic at times, full of anxiety and so much physical pain.” ….

…. “I was just so sick” ….

…. “Got back on medication for the anxieties and stuff” …. 

…. “2019 the beginning I started eating meat again. . . ” ….

…. “THATS NOT MY F****** STORY, lets get back on track” ….

…. “Anyways I was on a lot of medications” …

…. “I think I’ve been off all medications for a good couple months now. . . At least 6 months” ….

…. “I’ve gone off medication maybe 3 times total” ….

…. “I always thought like maybe I have that sexual dysfunction cuz I can’t really orgasm that easy” ….

…. “I thought getting off medication would help” ….

…. “It’s still so hard” ….

…. “I realize I think that {laughs}” ….

…. “I think its just that I’ve had really bad experiences” ….

…. “So I think its that” ….

…. “It’s not the medication and the drugs” ….

…. “It’s the bad experiences that make is so I can’t have an orgasm easily” ….

…. “I can, it just takes a lot of work by myself, I don’t f****** trust nobody like that anymore because of my bad experiences” ….

…. “People talk about sex like {oh yeah that sex was good, we were f***** screaming and rocking and the bed broke and this and that}” ….

…. “I’m like what!? . . .That sounds like really uh-emotional, uh-personal. . . That seems very like. . . I DON’T KNOW . . .” ….

…. “You guys didn’t even know each other’s names!? That’s not good” ….

…. “So um. . . I don’t want that! I’m not going to get an orgasm from that” ….

…. “What? Cuz you can eat good pussy?” ….

…. “I can’t! No! I got to be so in love with you that can just blow on it and I will have an orgasm because I’m that in love with you” …. 

…. “That’s the problem, I ain’t getting close to no body to love them” ….

…. “So that’s why I can’t have an orgasm I guess” ….

…. “Does that make sense to you?” ….

…. “It’s eye opening to me” ….

…. “But I don’t know if like, you know. . .” ….

…. “When my sentences come out, I’m my head they are like Mozart music but when it comes out its like Picassos f****** pictures” ….

…. “The whole reason I brought up the whole sex talk orgasm shit was mostly cuz I wanted to say one thing that i thought i thought was funny and I don’t think i said it!? Did I? Do you know if I said it?” …. 

…. “It was that um {laughs} mother f***** I FORGOT!” ….

…. “So when I’m trying to have an orgasm. . . What I do is pretend I am madly in love with this person” ….

…. “. . .the kissing and the cuddling and looking into each other’s eyes, just going really slow and becoming one is what helps me have and orgasm” ….

…. “Not that rough and ready, quick and mother f***** I don’t know what” ….

…. “That’s just NO, porn shit NO” ….

I’ve become my dad

…. “Sometimes I laugh and feel like I’ve become my dad in a way” ….

…. “He was the one with the sense of humor, he was the one with the bad jokes” …..

…. “He was the one who was just himself” ….

…. “Every night I like go to my bathtub and sit high as fuck just like my dad” ….

{miss you daddy, Love you}

Honor Your Pain


…. “So uh, I just had this thought that uh, where ever it hurts is uh. . .  F*** I’m high!” ….

…. “Where ever it hurts you need to honor that, you need to thank it, don’t be mad, don’t be ashamed that it hurts” ….

…. “F****** honor it!” ….

…. “Like my ankles f****** hurt right now {laughs} from standing all day at work ok!? And um, they f****** hurt” ….

…. “But I’m like you know what. . .  I thank you f***** ankles for standing all day at work” ….

…. “Thank you” ….

…. “But yes, honor your pain, if it is a f***** broken heart . . .you know what, be like that’s understandable and now your stronger, your good” ….

…. “Like love that part about it” …. 

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Lesson from a old man in a tutu at trader joes

ranted this morning

So this one day…. meaning right now…. I uh…

I was doing my hair and makeup, I was high

Um Its ok, I had the day off

I was like what makeup should I do? What hair should I do?

And I was like what the fuck

It’s my day off

And why do I even have to do my hair or make up

So I just put it in this messy ass bun since I don’t need my hair looking great

I really wish I could just take my hair off, have a shaved head or something

But I don’t so I put it in a bun on the top of my head and I get all the hair off my neck and shoulders so it at least feels like I don’t have any hair

Except it feels like something is squeezing my head which is really annoying but I guess its the price I pay for not shaving my head

Anyway I put my hair in a weird ass bun and I have my crooked ass reject glasses on, No make up on and thought…

. . . should I at least put some mascara on?

. . . don’t I need like something?

Then I was like bitch

If I can fucking see at Trader Joes

A old ass man in a faded fucking rainbow tutu with a dirty wife beater pulling his luggage around waving like he is Marilyn Monroe

Yeah…I saw that the other day at Trader Joes

If I can see that


Fucking surely,

I can walk out of the house with my hair in a bun

No makeup on

Not even mascara

Surely, I can do that

So that’s what I am going to do today

Sex today is sad

Girl realizes she just met a guy

She barely knows him

Jumps in bed with said guy and puts his junk inside her

They have never even spent 1 hour cuddling


Never saw each other naked before


Had a moment where they loved each other


Never thought about having a life with each other… out of love NOT lust

They have never even had breakfast together…

Saw a sunrise together…

Gone on a hike together…

Discovered a new thing together…

Or just done couples things….


Now they have had sex

Two complete strangers have had sex

Before they ever get to know one another really

Now that they have had sex

Sex is on the mind

So uh…

You just don’t get to know people in the same way as if you never had sex with them

You know what I’m saying?…

Celtic Women Rant

So I am an old soul yet I look super young

24 year olds think they are older than me

I’m 33…


…So technically I have and old soul

I like oldies and all that stuff


…so what type of music do you think I like?

I like fricken Celtic Women shit

And i’m an introvert

You wouldn’t know it

My thought are about me

My actions are about me


I’m straight up interested in me


People always think I have energy

Im tired as fuck all the time

You wouldn’t know because I do ok being extroverted and making shit about them and not my tired ass

I’m a self centered introvert so therefor I like attention on myself

I really love having conversations with people when its about me

Because of the introversion but maybe that’s perversion?

I don’t know….

But yeah

It is 7:46 pm on a Saturday night in Las Vegas

And I’m listening to Celtic Women alone

I’m fucking cool guys

{ramble}…. (listen to the recording above)

Also I want to be a stand up fuckin comedy-ian…. comedeein, comed-ian….. there we go…

I’m so introverted, I’m so alone all the time yet when I’m at work its about them, “What do you want? How can I serve you…”


I work my fuckin ass off

So here on a Friday nigh before 8pm in my pjs, showered, no makeup, hair looking like a 5 year old with her little side braid, with my Celtic Women, high, cracked out on caffeine

But yeah I’m so introverted and tired of playing extrovert all day

I have to talk to myself because not alot of people want to talk to me about me

Its always about them and I fucking hate that and that’s probably why I just want to be alone

But I got these jokes, I go these rhymes, I got theses fucking verses

I want to get out off my chest

So here you are


Dick size doesn’t matter

So… size is not important to me

I have had guys with big dicks that just hurt

I have had a guy with a big skinny dick I could hardly feel


I had a guy with a big dick who couldn’t stay hard

I had a guy with a big dick who couldn’t last long

My point is…

Big dicks are more disappointing than not big dicks

To be honest


It’s not about the fucking size

It’s about the connection


We all know its about the clitoris

You don’t need a big dick for the clitoris…

True Love {for my cat}

True love is when you hate them

When they annoy the fuck out of you

When you wish you didn’t have them

Because they make things harder


You could never


Think about leaving them


And that is how I feel for my cat

To be fair

I’m sure she feels the same

I know she has hated me at times

I know I have annoyed her at times


I know she loves me….