Celtic Women Rant

So I am an old soul yet I look super young

24 year olds think they are older than me

I’m 33…


…So technically I have and old soul

I like oldies and all that stuff


…so what type of music do you think I like?

I like fricken Celtic Women shit

And i’m an introvert

You wouldn’t know it

My thought are about me

My actions are about me


I’m straight up interested in me


People always think I have energy

Im tired as fuck all the time

You wouldn’t know because I do ok being extroverted and making shit about them and not my tired ass

I’m a self centered introvert so therefor I like attention on myself

I really love having conversations with people when its about me

Because of the introversion but maybe that’s perversion?

I don’t know….

But yeah

It is 7:46 pm on a Saturday night in Las Vegas

And I’m listening to Celtic Women alone

I’m fucking cool guys

{ramble}…. (listen to the recording above)

Also I want to be a stand up fuckin comedy-ian…. comedeein, comed-ian….. there we go…

I’m so introverted, I’m so alone all the time yet when I’m at work its about them, “What do you want? How can I serve you…”


I work my fuckin ass off

So here on a Friday nigh before 8pm in my pjs, showered, no makeup, hair looking like a 5 year old with her little side braid, with my Celtic Women, high, cracked out on caffeine

But yeah I’m so introverted and tired of playing extrovert all day

I have to talk to myself because not alot of people want to talk to me about me

Its always about them and I fucking hate that and that’s probably why I just want to be alone

But I got these jokes, I go these rhymes, I got theses fucking verses

I want to get out off my chest

So here you are


Why I have no friends

The problem and reason why I don’t have {many} friends

Is because

I would much rather organize my closet


Stare at a wall

I would enjoy myself that much more than to actually converse with another human and the shit that THEY want to talk about and do

It’s so uninteresting to me yet I thoroughly enjoy getting high and uh…

Cleaning…. stretching…. cooking…. staring at a blank wall……. etc……

That’s fun for me….

High in the bath rant about being high

Here is a better well written version of a bathtub rant I had while high about being high on 1/10/2020

What do normal people feel when they are high cuz when I get high I feel like I’m having an autistic reaction.

I wonder, is this how others feel and why do they enjoy it? I feel like I’m going to swallow my tongue.

Or am I different and having some kind of an allergic reaction?

That’s what I want to know cuz I want to be in the stoner crew.

You guys are so f****** chill.

Weed is like Greeks Windex to them {My big fat Greek wedding movie reference}

You got insomnia smoke weed

You got anxiety smoke weed

You got nausea smoke weed

You got a headache smoke weed

Man if I smoke weed doing/ having any of that s*** I look like a goddamn crackhead and not going to cure any problems down the rabbit hole.